Sunday, May 3, 2009

ANZPT Sydney Day 2

Well I made it through Day 2 but I’m extremely short going into tomorrow with only 12 big blinds. It was kind of ridiculous because I was in good shape the entire day and then suddenly on the bubble we played about 5 hands the entire level and by the time the bubble burst the blinds had gone up again and I suddenly found myself with less than 30 bb’s rather than 40+ despite not having lost a hand. Speaking of the bubble, my god some live players are scared money… It was tilting beyond belief. In one hand this loose young player opened the cutoff (as he’d done like 90% of the time) and the small blind with 7 bb’s folded AK and the big blind with 5bb’s folded AJ. Come on… I know that overall their tightness is a good thing for me, but when you really just want the bubble to be over so you can play more hands at blind level X rather than at blind level X+1, it can be really frustrating!

Anyway I have 192,000 in chips going into tomorrow and the blinds will start at 8000/16000 with a 2000 ante. There are 26 players left (I’m about 20th) and my stack is about half the average so although I’m not in great shape I think if I can get just one double up I’ll be good to go but that’s easier said than done I guess. Anyway, time for some sleep. I was literally dozing off during the last orbit…

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