Sunday, January 25, 2009

Won 2 Tournaments Today! SHIP!

I managed to take down not one but two tournaments within half an hour of each other today! The first was the $109 6-Max $30,000 Guarantee on Full Tilt for $8070 (339 players) and the second was the $50R $20,000 Guarantee (163 players), also on Full Tilt, for $5700.

What’s particularly lucky about these cashes is that I didn’t intend to play those tournaments at all. I actually intended to play the last NLHE event of the Aussie Millions today but I couldn’t as I didn’t have enough cash on me. My ATM card got demagnetised by my room keycard (silly me for putting them next to each other in my wallet) and I forgot that banks were closed on weekends so when I rocked up to the bank yesterday to take out some money I was greeted by an empty building.

I tried (read: felt compelled) to do some sightseeing yesterday but quickly realised that there wasn’t all that much to do. I didn’t feel like going to the tennis by myself and I didn’t see the point of going to some random aquarium, zoo or museum just for the sake of it. I mean, I never go to them in Sydney, so why the hell would I go to them here? In the end I just went up to the top of the Rialto Towers to the 360 Degree Melbourne Observation Deck and took some pictures of the city. It reminded me of my exchange in Paris when I took infinite pictures from the top of every landmark and ignored the fact that they all looked the same. Anyhow, it felt really touristy so that was nice. I might upload a picture or two when I get back home.

Anyway, I better start packing because it’s off to the airport early tomorrow morning for me. Good luck at the tables, Happy Australia Day, and Happy Chinese New Year!

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