Monday, April 26, 2010

Poker Update, Upcoming Videos, Eurotrip

Well I managed to recover from my last downswing and am up 21.5K overall for the month. That's also how my month will end since I've decided to self-exclude myself for the next fortnight so that I can focus on some upcoming mid-terms.

I'm still 32 buy-ins short of my 10/20 goal and only up 53K for the year so I still have quite a bit of work to do if I'm going to reach my yearly goals. By my calculations I only have about four weeks left in which to play so it's going to be very tight. The fourth week though will be after the end of semester so hopefully I can play almost full-time for that one week and get there.

Here's my results for the year so far. And yes, I know I'm hopeless at HU :).

I haven't made a video for quite a while now but I'm hoping to get a series out before I leave for exchange. I'm working on a 3-part 1/2 NL series on the new Deep Ante tables on PokerStars and have already recorded footage for the first two parts. Unfortunately I'm really rusty and am having quite a battle putting commentary to them lol. I'm also doing a Leakfinder with Andrew Wiggins tomorrow so at the very least you'll definitely have one video from me :).

Finally, I'm going to book my Eurotrip this week! I'll be leaving around the 10th of July and spending one week each in Rome, Marseille, Barcelona and Paris, before heading up to Lund University in Sweden. During semester I'll be taking some time off to travel to Germany, Holland and Denmark. Can't wait!

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