Sunday, June 28, 2009

So I Took a Shot at 40/80 NL…

I saw FoxwoodsFiend sitting heads-up with a pretty big fish so I decided to take a one 100bb buy-in shot. I was up $11K for the day at that point so I figured that at worst I’d end the day even. My very first hand I got dealt AK in the big blind, Ariel raised the button, the fish 3-bet from the small blind and I was just like “holy shit I’m going to be racing for my stack my very first hand…”. I 4-bet to about $2100, Ariel folded and the fish flatted out of position (see, told you he was a fish!). The flop came Axx and he check/folded to my 1/4 pot bet. So that was a pretty good start. But then, less than 20 hands later (villain is the fish)…

No-Limit Hold'em, $80.00 BB (3 handed) - Hold'em Manager Converter Tool from

SB ($8558)
BB ($13930.50)
Hero (Button) ($9070)

Preflop: Hero is Button with 6, 7

Hero bets $240, 1 fold, BB calls $160

Flop: ($520) 3, 6, 7 (2 players)

BB checks, Hero bets $320, BB raises $1480, Hero raises $2905, BB raises $12210.50 (All-In), Hero calls $5605 (All-In)

Turn: ($18180) 10 (2 players, 2 all-in)

River: ($18180) 10 (2 players, 2 all-in)

Total pot: $18180


Hero had 6, 7 (two pair, tens and sevens).
BB had 8, 8 (two pair, tens and eights).

Outcome: BB won $23039.50

FML? I also dropped like $7000 at 5/10 that session so now I’m probably not going to make my goal of $111K in 100K hands. I can still probably make $100K in 100K hands which I guess is a more sensible goal anyway but I liked the idea of having ‘extra’ when I hit the 100K hand mark rather than merely ‘falling over the line’. Anyway I have 13K hands to go so hopefully I’ll go on a heater and get there.

I also saw The Hangover yesterday which was better than expected but still not that great. It’s definitely a lot better if you’re about to head off to Vegas yourself and I can imagine that it’d be quite dull for everyone else. Anyway I’m going to hit the tables again now and hopefully recoup the $11K I blew last night (and yes, I did finish the day only $200 up…).

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