Thursday, November 26, 2009

APPT Sydney Opening Event Report

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So after a disastrous couple of days online I decided to take a break and play the opening event of APPT Sydney, the $1100 Deep Stack NLHE tournament. I hadn’t intended to play initially because all things considered it’s a relative waste of time compared to multi-tabling 10/20 online but I figured that I could only lose 1K in this MTT while I would probably lose another 10K if I stayed home.

So I rocked up to Star City two hours early, all prepped and ready, checked out the new poker room, got some brunch from Subway, listened to my iPod to psyche myself up, and took my seat. Before long the cards were in the air!

And then, 8 hands and 15 minutes later, I was out.

This is quite an accomplishment if you ask me. So much so that I now present to you a world first: a tournament report, recounting EVERY SINGLE hand! How many people can say they have done that?

Hand 1: I have 69o. A player raises in early position and I fold.

Hand 2: I pick up 83o. The player who won the first pot raises again and I fold.

Hand 3: I pick up KTs and open raise in the hijack. The button, no doubt tilting from losing 1/4 of his chips in the last pot, 3-bets on the button. I fold.

Hand 4: I pick up K2 and fold.

Hand 5: I pick up KQo in EP and fold. The king was a spade but, alas, the queen was a mere club. Thought you might be interested.

Hand 6: I pick up QQ and raise. MP and BTN call. The flop comes KJ8r. I bet 575 into 975 and both players call. The turn pairs the K and we check to the button who bets 700. I call, MP folds. The river is a 4, I check and he bets 1600.

***Random Strategy Aside***

This is usually a clear fold, but I’ve made way too many retarded folds in MTTs to fold this. I used to make all these folds which were standard in cash but turned out to be retarded in MTTs because people’s thought processes in MTTs are just so whack.

I remember a funny incident at ANZPT Sydney where I went up to Daniel Kochan, a respected MTT player, and sought his thoughts on this hand where I made a big fold. I had folded a Q high flush (using both my hole cards) to what turned out to be just a 7 high flush. I was obviously pissed off as hell and wanted to confirm with him that my fold was OK.

The conversation went like this:

Me: “Hey, what would you do in this hand. So a guy limps in EP, another guy limps in MP, the BTN…”

Him: “Call river.”

Me: “DOH!”

***End Random Strategy Aside***

So I called here and he had AK. Oh well, whatever.

Hand 7: I pick up J8d in the big blind. UTG raises 3x, LP calls, SB, calls, I call. Flop is 732r with one diamond. I ponder leading and triple barreling my bucket load of backdoors and overcards but then decide I’d rather simmer on the QQ hand more. I check/fold.

Hand 8: I pick up 68o in the small blind. Steaming 3-bettor from hand 3 is the only limper, I complete, and the big blind checks. The pot is 300 and the flop comes down T97r. We check to the limper who bets 500. I check-raise to 1650, the big blind folds, steamy limper shoves all-in. I call the extra 9700 or so and he shows TT. The turn and river come deuces and he barely covers me so I’m out.

Cool chickens.

So I go home and resign myself to donking off more money on the virtual felt. Luckily the poker gods finally felt sorry for me and l managed to turn in a 19K day :)! Weeeeeeeeeeee!


astrobel said...

Sorry to hear about your bad performance at the tourney BUT IMO you shouldn't get too involved in hands during the first few levels, let alone the first orbit !!!
I mean, you cannot win the tourney early on but you can easily lose you don't really have solid reads on your opponents, those are crucial to maximize gains / minimize loss , right ?

Joey said...

i had the 2nd nuts, was 99% likely to have the best hand, and was a 70% favourite. wat more can u want lol

thatssosick said...

exactly joey what a fish how can you get it in? you dont even have the nuts.


unlucky about the tournament but few things are better than a 19k day.


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